Adding Products to Mobileforce CPQ
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Adding Products to Mobileforce CPQ

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Using Mobileforce, CPQ administrators can add product listings, so that sellers can include them in proposals. You can add products individually through the Mobileforce CPQ, or you can import a .csv file containing multiple product listings.

For more information, see Importing and Exporting Products

These products can be organized into one or more groups called Product Categories which can be hierarchically nested based on your organizational needs. For example, a tech company may create a high-level category of Computers that contains two subcategories of Laptops and Desktops.

For more information, see Managing Products with Product Categories

Products can be added, edited, and managed from the Products List View page. From the CPQ Setup page, click Products to view the page.


  • To add a product to Mobileforce CPQ, click the + Add button.
  • To edit an existing Mobileforce CPQ product, locate it in the table and click the image.png button.
  • To copy an existing MobileForce CPQ product, click the image87 button. This copy can then be edited to suit your needs.

For more information about Managing the Product Listings, see Managing the Products page.


The product page consists of four tabs where you can specify the details of the product.

  • Use the General tab to specify the details of the product (Name, Code, etc.), and specify access options for the product.

  • Use the Configuration tab to specify whether the product is simple or configurable, as well as the quantity and product rules.

  • Use the Pricing tab to specify the discount rules and add price book entries for the product.

  • Use the Approval tab to specify the approval rules for the product.

When finished, click the Create button to add the price book to the price book list.

General tab options

From the General tab you can do the following:

  • Enter the name of the product (required)
  • Enter the product code (required). This could be a unique product id (e.g., SKU)
  • Enter the product description
  • Upload the product graphic or provide a URL of the optional image to display for this product.
  • Click to select the categories associated with the product

Additionally you can specify the Access Control options.

When you save the product, MobileForce CPQ automatically populates the metadata values (such as Created Time) for the product.

Access Control options

Specify the following options:

Active: Specify whether the product is currently active. By default, the setting is set to Yes. To deactivate the product, the setting should be set to No.

ACL: The Access Control List (ACL) allows you to specify the CRM roles that are allowed to add the product to a quote.

  • Select All if users must have all of the specified roles in their profile to add the product.
  • Select Any if users only need one of the specified roles in their profile to add the product.

Click the roles field and select one or more roles from the list.

Effective Date Click the field to select the date after which users can add the product to a quote.

Expiration Date Click the field to select the date after which users can no longer add the product to a quote.


You can use ACLs to enforce that certain products can only be sold in specific geographic region(s) are only listed for sellers who can sell in those regions.

Configuration tab options

The Configuration tab has two views: Simple and Configurable. Select the desired option based on the product you want to create:

  • A simple product is a product that is added to a quote without any options.
  • A configurable product is a product with options that sellers can select based on their customers needs. A configurable product requires an applicable Product UI layout, an interface allowing users to select the configuration options, as well as the associated lite item tables for the product.

By default, the Simple view is selected. If you are adding a configurable product, select Configurable.


Selectable: Specify whether users can select the product to add it to a quote. When the product is created, this option is set to Yes by default. Click to select No if the product should not be selectable.

Best Practice:

When creating a new product, Mobileforce recommends that Admins ensure that Selectable is initially set to No until they have completely configured the Product: including specified all pricing options, assigned a Product UI Layout if configurable, and configured all product, pricing, and approval rules. When the product is ready to be rolled out to sellers, Admins can then change the Selectable value to Yes.

Quantity options
Specify the quantity information for the product:

  • Click Editable to select whether the product minimums and maximums can be edited. (Yes is selected by default).

  • Specify the unit of measurement for the item (for example, ea, lb, ft, users, year, etc.)

  • Enter the default quantity listed when a user adds it to a quote.

  • Enter the smallest and largest quantities that a user can specify in a quote.

  • Enter the quantity step, which is how the quantity unit can be increased in the quote. For example, if a product is sold in pairs, enter a Quantity Step of 2.

  • qtyListitems: If specified, the quantity will be displayed as a dropdown list with the given list of items. The value of this attribute takes the format "value1|label1|value2|label2|..."

  • qtyParentMul: Boolean indicating whether the final quantity should be this product's quantity times the parent product's final quantity. For example, if one adds 3 PC computers with 2 hard-disks each, the quote should use a final quantity of 6 to compute the price. By default this field is 0, (false).

Product Rules options
Allows you to add, edit, and manage the product rules for the product. For more information, see Adding Product Rules.

Pricing tab options

This tab allows you to specify how frequently the price is invoiced to a customer, the allowable discounts for the product, and specify its price book entries.


Price Recurrence By default, this is set to One Time, indicating that when the product is added to the quote, it will be invoiced once to the customer. If the product is invoiced more than once (such as an annual license for software), you can select one of the following options:

  • Per Minute
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Semimonthly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly


Click Allow Discount to select whether discounting rules can be applied to the product. (Yes is selected by default). Then specify the unit of discounting that is allowed for the product: Amount, Percent or Both. Once specified, you can specify the minimums and maximums for the selected discount unit(s). These minimums and maximums can be either percent discount or fixed amount discount.

Pricebook Entries: Allows you to specify specific pricebook entries for the product. For more information, see Adding Price Book Entries for your Product


For many organizations, each product has only one price book entry per price book. However, Mobileforce CPQ allows you to have multiple price book entries per price book. For your organization, each entry could have a unique tag, unique effective dates, or unique method.

Approval tab options

Allows you to add, edit, and manage the approval rules for your product. Approval rules allow you to manage and control when specific quotes, typcially involving discounts, require approval and who has the authority to approve it.


For more information about adding approval rules, see Adding Approval Rules.

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