Creating Bundled Product Listings
  • 17 May 2023
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Creating Bundled Product Listings

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Article Summary

Organizations may have business models where they group similar or frequently purchased products into a single product entry.


A software reseller may group similar website design product into a Web Design Suite, even though each product can also be purchased individually.

Mobileforce CPQ mirrors this behavior by allowing you to create a bundled product listings. These listings are configured by a Mobileforce Admin.

Working with Bundled Product Listings

A bundled product listing is added to a quote just as you would any other product; however, the individual products included in the bundle are listed below the bundle name.

Steps in Creating a Bundled Product Listing

To create a product bundle, perform the following.

  1. Create a new product.
  2. Give the product a name and code.
  3. Go to the ‘configuration’ tab.
  4. Set its configuration type to ‘Configurable’
  5. Set to Product UI layout to to a product layout with sub-products. If such a layout does not exist, you can create one by by creating a new Product UI Layout with the template ’Nested sub-products’.
  6. Add the products you want to the product bundle to the ‘Initial Sub-Products’ section.

Don’t forget to give a price to the product bundle itself.

Product Bundles are now designed to include sub-products. So, selecting 7 bundles would mean selecting 7 sub-products as well.


If you want the prices of the sub-products of the bundle to be multiplied by the bundle’s quantity, you must enable "Multiply Quantity with Parent Product's Quantity" for each sub-product.


There is currently no means to display a subtotal of the bundle’s total price including its sub-products. The challenge is to also support overriding of pricing computations with form-expressions.

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