Creating Bundled Products
  • 19 Jun 2023
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Creating Bundled Products

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Article Summary

Organizations may have business models where they group similar or frequently purchased products into a single product entry, either for ease or discounting purposes.


A software reseller may group similar website design product into a Web Design Suite, even though each product can also be purchased individually.

Mobileforce CPQ mirrors this behavior by allowing you to create a bundled product listings. These listings are configured by a Mobileforce Admin.

Working with Bundled Product Listings

A bundled product listing is added to a quote just as a seller would add any other product; however, the individual products included in the bundle are listed below the bundle name.


If the seller increases the quantity of the bundle (as highlighted in yellow), the quantity of the bundled sub-products only increases if configured by the Mobileforce CPQ admin (as highlighted in teal).


Additionally, Sellers only have the option of modifying or deleting the bundle itself. The individual products within the bundle cannot be modified within the quote.

Configuring a Bundled Product Listing

To manually create a product bundle from Mobileforce CPQ, we use "configurable" products, as follows:

Ensure Listings for Products exist in Price Book

If the products to be included in the product bundle do not currently exist in the desired Price Book, you must create them.


A hardware seller is creating a product bundle of lightbulb recepticles and lightbulbs. Before creating the product bundle, the Admin must ensure that individual entries for the lightbulbs and recepticles are created in the desired Price Book(s).

Specify Multiply Quantity Setting

For each product in the bundle, you must determine whether or not the quantity of the products in the bundle is to be multiplied when the bundle quantity increases.


A heating and cooling company wants to create a product bundle that includes an industrial Air Conditioner Compressor and a contract for 2 years of onsite technical support. The company wants to configure the bundle, so that if a customer orders 3 bundles, that the bundle includes 3 compressors, but only 1 contract for technical support.

The Multiply Quantity with Parent Product's Quantity setting from the Configuration tab of the product listing allows you to control this feature.


  • Select Yes if you want the product quantity to multiply when the bundle quantity is increased.
  • Select No if you do not want the product quantity to multiply. (Default)

Create a Product Listing for the Bundle

Now you must create a unique Product listing for the bundle itself.

Create a Product Listing:
Create a new Product for the bundle, ensure that it has a unique name and product code.

Specify the UI Layout:
From the Configuration tab, change the Type to Configurable, and select Nested Product Layout from the Product UI Layout list. When selected, Mobileforce CPQ automatically populates the subproducts table into the Sub Product Tables section.


The Nested Product Layout is a Product UI Layout created by Mobileforce, which facilitates bundled product listings. Please use this or a similarly configured layout for all bundles.

Add the Initial Sub-Products to the Bundle:
From the Initial Sub-Products section, you will add each applicable product to the bundle, using the Add Product button. This creates an entry in the Sub-Products table.

For each sub-product entry, click the Product list and select the applicable product. Then, in the Quantity column, enter the number of the specified product to be included in the bundle.


A company is creating a product bundle that includes 5 light bulb recepticles and 10 light bulbs. So they specify the quantity in the bundle as needed.

Create Price Book Entries for the Bundle

From the Pricing tab, create an entry for each Price Book where you want to sell the bundle.

Mobileforce CPQ does not provide a way to calculate the price of the bundle, based on the selected products. This value must be calculated outside of Mobileforce CPQ.


The hardware company wants to set the price of the light bulb bundle, of 5 light bulb receipticles and 10 light bulbs, for its North America Price Book at $40.00.

In this example, the company sells light bulbs for $2.00 ea and recepticles for $5.00 ea. So the bundle provides a discount of $5.00 for customers purchasing the bundle.


A company is creating a product bundle that includes 5 light bulb recepticles and 10 light bulbs. So they specify the quantity in the bundle as needed.

:::(Tip) (Example:)
To use only the bundled product price (ie the price book entry for the bundled product), and ignore the individual product prices: just create a bundle specific version of each of the products that are included in the bundle, but with $0 price.

Conversely, to use the individual product prices rather than the bundled product price, please set the price book entry for the bundled product to be $0.

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