Clocking In and Out
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Clocking In and Out

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Article Summary

Mobileforce FSM provides a manual Clock In/Clock Out utility so that technicians can enter the hours that they work. Additionally, managers can access the clocking in and out table to view the recorded work hours for all technicians for auditing and review purposes.

This article is going to focus specifically on the Clocking In and Out utility in Mobileforce FSM. For more information about clocking in and out using the Mobile App, see Recording Work Hours in the Field.

To access the utility, select Clock In/Clock Out from the Field Service menu.


From here you can:

  • Click the image26 button to create a new entry.
  • Click the image-1651687637794 button to review an existing entry and edit it if necessary.
  • Filter the table to show only the results you need. For more information, see Filtering Tables.

Recording a New Entry

Clicking the image26 button creates a new time recording entry.


Enter the following information and click image202.

  • For non-admin users, the User and Office fields are automatically populated by Mobileforce FSM.

  • Select the Service Task associated with the time, if any, and enter a name for the recorded time.

  • Select the priority for the time (Regular or On Call) and select whether the technician took a lunch break during the recorded time.

  • Select the Start and End Time for the entry, and enter any break information in the Lunchtime field.

Mobileforce FSM calculates the Duration worked and when saved records a timestamp of the entry for auditing purposes.

Reviewing and Editing entries

When you review recorded Clock In and Out entries, Mobileforce displays the entry in a new page.


From this page admins can do the following:

  • To edit the fleet vehicle, click the image205 button.
  • To edit an individual field for the entry, click the image69 button for the field and then update it.

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