CPQ Implementation for Admins
  • 13 Jun 2023
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CPQ Implementation for Admins

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Article Summary

While every CPQ implementation has its own unique capabilities, Mobileforce has compiled a list of common procedures that have lead to successful Mobileforce CPQ implementations. This article describes a general CPQ Implementation Plan for Admins to follow to successfully implement Mobileforce CPQ into your existing CRM platform.

Install Mobileforce:
Install Mobileforce CPQ from the App Store for your CRM, onto your CRM platform. Having an "admin" role on your CRM makes for a smooth installation. For more information, please read How do I install Mobileforce CPQ.

Configure CPQ User/Admin Roles:
By default, all existing CRM users and roles get to access both the CPQ Seller as well as the CPQ Setup (administration) pages. However, if you want to limit access to CPQ Setup screens only to some CRM users:

  • Determine the CRM users/roles who should be given Mobileforce CPQ admin access (CPQ Admins).
  • Email Mobileforce Support identifying these CRM users/roles.

These identified users/roles have access to both CPQ Setup and the CPQ Seller pages, whereas all other CRM roles, will only have access to CPQ Seller pages.

Add or Bulk Import Products:
Mobileforce allows you to bulk import all your products from a csv file or to input your products, one at a time.

  • To bulk import Products, read Importing and Exporting Products
  • To manually input product individually, follow these steps in order:
    1. Configure Price Books
    2. Set up Product Categories
    3. Set up Products (or upload in bulk using csv files)
    4. Set up Product Pricing (or Price Book entries)
    5. Set up Product Configuration if needed (only needed for configurable products) via product ui layouts, and product configuration rules.
    More details can be found in the article on Adding Products to Mobileforce
  1. Setup Approvals
    1. Set up Approval Groups
    2. Configure Approval (email) templates as needed
  • Mobileforce CPQ implementation includes approval email templates that you can customize for your business needs.
  1. Set up Quote Layout, Company Logo & Branding
    1. Set up Quote Templates with customization for "Line Item Tables", "Product Rules", "Pricing Rules" and "Approval Rules" (if needed)
    2. Set up Document Templates: with appropriate document sections for company logos, branding, marketing collateral, signature blocks, etc.
  • Mobileforce CPQ implementation includes sample quote and document templates that you can customize for your business needs.
  1. Upload appropriate quote layout documents
    1. Upload a single-page quote or proposal and a multi-page quote or proposal with appropriate macros that represent fields that are populated during the CPQ process. Often, this is a "word" document
    2. Upload terms-and-conditions that might need to be spliced into the quote. Often this is a pdf, you might have obtained from legal.
  • Mobileforce CPQ implementation includes
    sample one page and multi-page document templates that you can customize for your business needs.

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