Creating and Managing Installed Equipment
  • 25 Jan 2023
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Creating and Managing Installed Equipment

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Using Mobileforce FSM, you can list the installed equipment at a customer location. Installed equipment is equipment that has already been sold to the customer, or already exists at the premises where the service task is to be completed.

Inventory items are used by the following roles:

  • Agent or technicians create installed equipment entries, indicating the equipment that needs service, or is associated with equipment that needs service (for example, the technician is repairing an air conditioner, so maybe both the air conditioner and the furnace are both listed as installed equipment) .
  • Agents and dispatchers associate installed equipment with a service tasks.
  • Technicians review the installed equipment information associated with the service task to ensure that they have the correct equipment, parts, and information to complete the task.

To access the Installed Equipment page, select Installed Equipment from the Field Service menu.


From here you can:

  • Click the image26 button to create a new installed equipment entry.
  • Click the image-1651687637794 button to review an existing installed equipment entry.
  • Filter the table to show only the results you need. For more information, see Filtering Tables.

Creating a new Installed Equipment entry

Clicking the image26 button creates a new Installed Equipment entry.


Enter the following information and click image202.

Name of the equipment

Enter the inventory code for the installed equipment.

Enter a full description for the installed equipment.

Enter the barcode number for the installed equipment.

CRM Account:
Select the account from your source CRM assocated with the installed equipment.

Reviewing and Editing an Installed Equipment entry

When you click the image82 button to review an existing installed equipment entry, and potentially update the entry. Mobileforce displays the installed equipment entry as well as any associated service tasks in tabular format.


From this page you can do the following:

  • To edit the entry, click the image205 button.
  • To edit an individual field for the installed equipment entry, click the image69 button for the field and then update it.

The Installed Equipment page lists the following related subtables:

  • The Service Tasks table lists all of the Service Tasks that reference the installed equipment. To review the associated Service Task, click its name.

For the related subtables, you can do the following:

  • To create a new object (for example, Service Task), click the image.png button.
  • To open the table for the related object type, click the image.png associated button.

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