Creating and Managing FSM Offices
  • 13 Jun 2023
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Creating and Managing FSM Offices

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Mobileforce FSM Offices allow your organization to better match a jobs/service task to the technician/worker to a location by grouping employees (primarily technicians) at one or locations from which field services are offered. Each office is specified by a unique address or a unique latitude/longitude point. Mobileforce requires that each customer using the Mobileforce FSM solution have at least one office.

Offices typically refer to specific branches of a company from which services are offered. These different offices or branches typcially service customer request from different regions. This is crucial for FSM, as work needs to be routed to the specific office that services the region where the customer resides. Those offices have their own dispatchers who schedule service tasks for their own technicians.


If a company has offices in San Francisco and New York City, you want to ensure that all work for Oakland, Sunnyvale, and Sacramento are routed to the San Francisco office, where they can schedule and dispatch their own technicians to the tasks.

Once an office is created, it can be assigned to any Mobileforce User profile in a one to many relationship. For more information, see Creating and Managing Mobileforce Users


Mobileforce allows you to dispatch technicians from locations other than the office assigned to them.

From the Field Service Setup page, click Offices.


From here you can:

  • Click the image26 button to create a new office.
  • Click the image-1651687637794 button for an exisitng office to edit it.
  • Click the image84 icon of a field of an existing office to edit that field.
  • Filter the Offices table to show only the results you need. For more information, see Filtering Tables.

Create a new office

To create a new office, click the image26 button.


Enter the office details and click image.png when finished.

Address Information
Enter the name of the office and any applicable address information (office number, street address, zip code, etc.)

Lat Lng Point
Click the Edit Map button to open a window where you can specify the latitude and longitude points for the office.

Edit an existing office

To change an existing office, first click the image-1651687637794 button to open the office page.


The page lists the information entered for the office and the following related subtables:

From this page you can do the following:

  • To edit the selected office, click the image205 button.
  • To create a new related object (for example, Service Task or Territory), click the image.png button.
  • To edit one of the related object, click the associated image45{height="" width=""} button.
  • To open the table for the related object type, click the image.png associated button.

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