Editing Forms
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Editing Forms

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Article Summary

To edit a form, from the Forms Publisher page, click Edit for the desired form, where you can then modify it.


Additionally, you can:

  • Click Create Copy to copy the structure of an existing form, without the data. Once created, click Edit to modify it.
  • Click Copy Into to copy the data from one form to another. The database structure of the form must match for this to be successful.
  • Click Import to import a form from an external file system.


At any time you can do the following:

  • Click Save to save any changes you have made to the form.

The page has the following tabs where you can modify the form:

  • General: Specify the standard options for the form, such as the form name, as well as specify whether attachments can be added to the form.
  • Forms: Specify how the form is displayed , providing the complete specification for the form's interface where you can add layout elements, such as sections, inputs and sub form apps.

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