Creating a Quote for your Proposal
  • 11 Jun 2023
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Creating a Quote for your Proposal

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Once you have started your proposal and included all of the customer and contact information, you want to add the line items, quantities, and any applicable discounts to be quoted in the proposal. This information is added from the Quote tab of the Proposals/Quotes page.


From the Quote tab you will do the following:

  • Select the Price Book for your quote.
  • Specify the work dates for the proposal.
  • Add line items, as well as adjust quantities and discounts for those line items.
  • Validate the quote to ensure that no errors have been made.

The look and feel of the Quotes tab, including the column headings in the Line Items section, can be configured from the CPQ Setup page by users with Admin-level privileges. Due to this, the user experience and graphics for this page may not accurate reflect your configuration. If you require more information, please contact your Admin.

Once you have completed the quote, you can validate the proposal based on the updates you have made. For more information, see Validating Proposals.

After validation, if the quote and proposal are complete, you can submit it for approval. For more information, see Submitting a Proposal for Approval.

Select a Price Book

A Price Book is a basic list of product or services and their prices and are the starting point for CPQ activities, such as creating a quote. The Price Books used by Mobileforce CPQ are typically configured during the installation and implementation process. Typically price books are region, currency, or customer segment specific.


Your company may have a price book for North America, where the products have prices in USD, and a different price book for Canada, where the products have prices in CAD.

A default Price Book is automatically selected for your quote. To change the Price Book, click the Price Book list and select the one required for your customer.


If you have admin-level privileges and need more information, see Creating Price Books

Specify the Work Dates

Mobileforce CPQ requires a date range when the work specified in the quote is to take place. By default, Mobileforce CPQ populates the Work Start Date and Work End Date fields with a date range that is 7 to 13 days from the date when the proposal was created.

To change the date range, click the fields and select the applicable dates from the calendar field.

Adding Line Items to the Quote

Line items are the products or services that are added to the quote to be sent to the customer. Once line items are added to the quote, you can then specify their quantity and apply any discounts.

:::(Warning) (Warning:)
You cannot successfully validate a proposal without one or more line items in the quote.

Click the Add Line Item button to open the Select a Product page, which lists all of the products or services of the selected Price Book.


You can either navigate the Product Categories menus to locate the desired product, or enter its name into the Search field and press ENTER. Click the item to highlight it, and click the Add button.

The item is added to the Quote. You can specify the quantity for each item, and any applicable discounts for each line item in the quote, as needed. Additionally, you can reorder line items in the quote, or copy them if a separate line item is necessary for the proposal. For more information, see Managing Line Items


Click the Validate button to ensure that the quote follows the rules for your Mobileforce CPQ application.

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