How do I specify the currency for Mobileforce CPQ?
  • 13 Jun 2023
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How do I specify the currency for Mobileforce CPQ?

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Article Summary

In Mobileforce CPQ, the currency used for products and services is specified in the Price Book. To change the local currency for a Price Book, select Price Books from the CPQ Setup menu and then select your price book.


From here, you can select the Currency dropdown list to change the currency (for example, from United States Dollar to Euro).

Additionally, if you sell products and services in multiple currencies, you can create multiple Price Books, one for each currency/region.


An IT solution company that sells hardware and software solutions in both the New York and Toronto regions, may create two price books:

  • A United States price book, where the currency is USD: United States Dollar .
  • A Canada price book, where the currency is CAD: Canadian Dollar.

Additionally, the company can remove any products that are not available in the region.

For more information, see Price Books.

Specifying multiple prices

Once you have creating additional Price Books for the additional currencies, you can specify multiple prices for your products. You can do this by modifying prices for individual products, or modifying prices for multiple products via exporting and importing prices.

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