Importing and Exporting Prices
  • 19 Sep 2023
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Importing and Exporting Prices

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By default, Mobileforce tables can be exported (and imported). To change the default behavior, and suppress export of tables, an admin can explicitly prevent exports by setting an application level property
You can batch import multiple prices for products in your Mobileforce CPQ price book by uploading an import file in .csv format, enabling faster batch changes to product pricing at once, rather than making the necessary changes to each product individually.

To correctly import the prices in batch, you must ensure that the file is formatted properly, where each row/line of the file lists products and their associated List Price(s) to be imported as well as the other desired fields.

To import a product import file, from the Prices page of a Price Book, click the Import button.


From the Import Prices pop-up window, click the Choose File button to select the import file from your local system.

The prices in the csv file are imported to the price book, and can be edited, as needed, from the Price Books Prices page.

Creating Import Files

Prices import files are .csv files with specific headings that match the fields in the Mobileforce CPQ database. MobileForce has created an csv template that you can use to ensure that the fields are properly matched.

Download the template from the Import Prices pop-up window, and enter the products using a text editor or spreadsheet program (such as Excel or Google Sheets).


If you are using a spreadsheet program to edit the import file, ensure that you save it as a .csv file.

Additionally, you can export a .csv file of the products already created for Mobileforce CPQ, update the file with new products and import it to Mobileforce CPQ.


To export the list of prices for the price book to a .csv file, click the Export button. Mobileforce saves the list to the default downloads directory for your browser.

You can export data to keep it as a backup, as well as edit the data in a separate application.

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