Fleet Maintenance
  • 21 Dec 2022
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Fleet Maintenance

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The Fleet Maintenance table lists all of the maintenance information that has been recorded for the vehicle, typically by the dispatcher or a user role specifically tasked with maintaining your fleet vehicles. The table allows dispatchers and business analysts to review this information to schedule maintenance or make business decisions.

Mobileforce displays the Fleet Maintenance section on the Fleet page, allowing you to review all the maintenance information for the vehicle in tabular format.


Additionally, you can click the image238 button to open the table in its own window.


To add a new maintenance record, do one of the following:

  • Click the image236 button from the Fleet Maintenance section of the Fleet page.
  • Click the image26 button from the Fleet Maintenance page.


Specify the following information and click Create:

  • Name:
    A simple description of the maintenance performed on the vehicle.
  • Start and End and Time:
    The start and end time of the maintenance.
  • Maintenance Status:
    Click the dropdown list and select the current status of the fleet vehicle:
    • In Use
    • Maintenance Scheduled
    • Maintenance In Progress
    • Maintenance Completed
  • Maintenance Notes:
    Enter any notes associated with the maintenance.

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