FSM Setup and Admin Tasks
  • 12 Jan 2023
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FSM Setup and Admin Tasks

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Article Summary

Primary Admin Topics

The following is a list of links to primary topics that users with an Admin role will perform:

Create and Manage FSM Users
The FSM User page allows you to specify the demographic information, organization role, skills, schedule, and office location for each Mobileforce FSM user in your organization.

Manage FSM Roles
From the Roles page, you can define the user roles and the associated access level for Mobileforce FSM.

Creating and Managing FSM Skills
From the Skills page, you can list the applicable skills for the field service technicians in your organization, so that dispatchers can better match service tasks to the technician who has the abilities and experience to complete the work.

Defining and Managing FSM Territories
If your organization assigns dispatchers and/or technicians to specific territories, you can use the Territories page to draw a map for the applicable areas. By default, Mobileforce FSM is preloaded with territories for each US state and zip code.

Updating Service Task Types
Service Task Types can be assigned to Service Tasks to organize or even route tasks to specific offices, territories, or dispatchers

Updating Service Task Statuses
Statuses are associated with Service Tasks to indicate the current condition of the work. (For example, Open, Scheduled, Completed) By default, Mobileforce FSM is preloaded with several typical Service Task Statues for your convenience.

FSM Configuration Settings
Mobileforce FSM allows you to configure and customize the application with settings that govern the behavior of the Schedule and Dispatch screen.

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