• 19 Jan 2023
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Many organizations have the business need to have simple data collected in the field. To solve this problem, Mobileforce FSM allows you to create simple forms, applications with user input/submissions that are stored in the Mobileforce FSM database.

The intended user of the form is an end user who is viewing and filling out the requested data in the simple forms. Typically, this user accesses the form once, fills out input as needed, and at end, submits the form, thus completing their activity. Upon submission, the end user typically gets an acknowledgement either via email or directly on the submission screen.

Mobileforce Forms allows you to easily create, preview, and access a simple database-backed forms, which has the following features:

  • Built-in versioning
  • Automatic creation and updating of database tables and schedma in a customer-specific instance.
  • Fully mobile enabled forms that allow for offline submission in limited internet bandwidth/connection locations.

These simple forms are distinct from the Advanced Multi-Screen Forms, typically used with Mobileforce CPQ applications.

The following sections, provide the tools and tips necessary to easily create and manage Mobileforce FSM forms.

Simple Forms

Forms are typically created by users in a Business Analysis or other business role who are tasked with designing simple forms for Mobileforce FSM. Typically, such users are not software developers nor have an IT role, so the process of creation, modification, and publication of Simple Forms is kept simple, making use of a wysiwyg tool with a browser-based UI.

Actions that might otherwise require coding are made simple in this interface. These simple forms are implicitly laid out, as there is no user ability to specify the layout of the forms.

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