Getting started with CPQ
  • 07 Apr 2023
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Getting started with CPQ

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Mobileforce CPQ is a software solution that integrates with your existing CRM software to create proposals/quotes based on your existing deals and opportunities, allowing you to achieve rapid ROI for your sales teams and overall revenue growth.

The following topics answer your questions on how to get started with the Mobileforce complete CPQ software solution that provides product and service configuration, pricing and quoting capabilities, ease of approvals, and easy generation of quotes and contracts.

What skills do I need to start using Mobileforce CPQ?

You do not have to be a software developer or business analyst to get started with Mobileforce CPQ. As it is created using a form-based, no code platform, MobileForce CPQ is designed to get you off the ground within days. Then our Solutions Team will work with your organization to implement a complete solution that addresses all of your CPQ needs. To get started, all you need are credentials to your CRM and the ability to define your business rules for creating, approving, and submitting proposals and quotes.

What infrastructure do i need to set up Mobileforce?

All Mobileforce solutions, including the CPQ application, are cloud hosted with best-in-class hosting on Enterprise-pready infrastructure, such as AWS. No special infrastructure is required. Your sellers, approvers, and admins access Mobileforce CPQ through a secure internet browser interface.

What level of Enterprise grade solutions does Mobileforce provide?

With best in class cloud hosting on AWS, Mobileforce CPQ ensures a level of enterprise grade: availability, scalability, security, and reliability. This grade ensures our promotion of ongoing enterprise value.

Mobileforce is committed to going above and beyond just great technology to guarantee your ongoing success. Mobileforce provides proven customer success methodology and solutions, to ensure that each and every Mobileforce customer has acccess to our Mobileforce Solutions team. as well as access to our systems integrators. This is in addition to the existing communities of your industry peers who share their success methodologies.

What login credentials do I need to access Mobileforce CPQ. What level of user access and ACL does Mobileforce provide?

Mobileforce makes it easy for you to authenticate and use the same login credentials that you use with your existing CRM.

Mobileforce SSO uses Oauth to support authentication via whatever CRM you already use: be it Zendesk or SugarCRM, or Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or Hubspot. Furthermore all the user roles and ACLs from your CRM translate over to Mobileforce CPQ screens, giving you fine grain user access control at a screen level.

Finally, since Mobileforce CPQ UI is embedded within your CRM UI, you can directly access Mobileforce CPQ from your CRM UI.

What do i need to do with my CRM in order to access and start using Mobileforce CPQ?

Nothing! You just need to install Mobileforce CPQ from the App Marketplace for whichever CRM you use. Then onwards, you will directly be able to access Mobileforce CPQ from your CRM UI, using your standard CRM Authentication.

Once installed, Mobileforce CPQ is best accessed directly from your CRM Opportunity (or Deal if it is so named). Once you select a specific Opportunity or Deal, the Mobileforce CPQ button will be directly visible next to the opportunity/deal: perhaps on the right side panel of your CRM UI. Click on that button, and you're ready to go.

The first step of Mobileforce CPQ is to extract and copy over the "Opportunity/Deal" related information into the "Customer" tab of Mobileforce CPQ: typically this info is the input that CPQ uses to create a proposal, customized for that Opportunity/Deal. Specific information that is used from the Opportunity/Deal includes the account/customer name, address, contact person, opportunity details, and opportunity stage and/or close-date.

From here on Mobileforce CPQ takes over and completes the process of creating a quote or proposal by starting with a quote template and adding line items corresponding to products being sold, together with pricing and discounts if any. Then the proposal is sent for approval (if needed) and finally the proposal is sent to the customer, Once accepted, Mobileforce CPQ can write back the proposal to the CRM Deal or Opportunity object as a PDF file. In addition the deal/opportunity amount field as well as the deal stage can be updated by Mobileforce CPQ.

What roles does Mobileforce CPQ employ?

Mobileforce CPQ operates with three most common roles:

  • Sellers: These are the CRM users that actually create and send quotes to customers.
  • Approvers: These are the CRM users who approve special discounts, and specialized quotes from sellers, before the sellers can then send them to the customers
  • Admins: These are the CRM users who might typically also be (but don't have to be) CRM Admins. They set up the product catalogs, price books, quote and document layouts, and approval hierarchies, all typically activities that are performed one time, at the beginning of the CPQ deployment cycle.

Since Mobileforce CPQ Sellers, Approvers, and Admins are already CRM users, using Mobileforce is just a matter of using the appropriate CRM credentials to access Mobileforce CPQ.

Can I get Mobileforce CPQ to take as input specific fields in my CRM Deal/Opportunity and write back as output to specific other fields in my CRM Deal/Opportunity?

Yes, the Mobileforce solutions team can help you customize and map specific input and output fields of your deal/opportunity object, for read and write by Mobileforce CPQ.

How long does it take to start using Mobileforce CPQ?

Installing Mobileforce CPQ into your CRM from within your CRM's Marketplace is a matter of seconds. Then onwards, setting up Product Catalogs, Price Books, Products, and Pricing is a matter of hours to days. Finally customizing the quote template and document templates to reflect your look and feel is another few hours, so in a matter of just a few days you can go live.

How do I import my Product Catalog into Mobileforce CPQ?

You can inport products into Mobileforce CPQ as CSV files, thus enabling bulk import of products rather rapidly. You can also export (and then re-import) products, thus enabling bulk operations on your products.


Mobileforce CPQ requires your products (and Product Catalog) be kept in Mobileforce. You can additionally keep your product catalog also in your CRM. Mobileforce can sync your products from your product catalog in a CRM over to Mobileforce CPQ.

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