Install and Configure Mobileforce for Hubspot
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Install and Configure Mobileforce for Hubspot

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Article Summary

This article is for Mobileforce solution engineer.

The following prop keys need to be set in your Mobileforce instance, in order to use Mobileforce CPQ with Hubspot. Specifically, you can find the clientid and clientsecret for Mobileforce CPQ from the Mobileforce Admin team. You will also need your hubspot instanceid in the prop key **hubspot-oauth-authurl **

To learn about hubspot's support for Oauth2.0 follow this link:

    <prop key="comment">*** HubSpot ***</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-version">2.0</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-clientid">your-mobileforcecpq-hubspot-instance-clientid</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-clientsecret">your-mobileforcecpq-hubspot-instance-clientsecret</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-  authurl"><instanceid>/authorize</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-accesstokenurl"></prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-redirecturi"></prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-scope">timeline oauth files integration-sync tickets crm.objects.contacts.write</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-accessmethod">header</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-clientauthmethod">requestparams</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-granttype">authorization_code</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-oauth-responsetype">code</prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-datatable-url"></prop>
    <prop key="hubspot-hubspotTables">Contacts,Companies,Deals,Owners,Pipelines,Stages</prop>

In addition, make sure that the following prop keys are set to given values below

    <prop key=“auth-param-prefix”>hubspot-</prop>
    <prop key=“auth-datatable-param-prefix”>hubspot-</prop>
    <prop key=“auth-datatable-schema-url”></prop>
    <prop key=“auth-datatable-filter”></prop>
        <prop key="cpq-param-prefix">hubspot-</prop>

Debugging Hubspot Install Issues

Hubspot users install Mobileforce CPQ from the Hubspot Marketplace. If this installation has issues or doesn't complete, here are some steps to follow

(Only for Mobileforce Solution Engineer)

  1. First go into MF DBMS to see if customer account was even created when it was previously attempted. Specifically, look for an account with the prefix: hubspot266… – if you don't find it, you know that the MF account was never created (ie no database entry in the dbms)

  2. Then go into HubSpot > Settings > Integrations > Connected Apps and in to Mobileforce CPQ and hit Uninstall – This would uninstall the previous Mobileforce CPQ.

  3. Then go into HubSpot Marketplace and re-install Mobileforce CPQ. This time it should work.

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