Install and Configure Mobileforce: Sugar Instance
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Install and Configure Mobileforce: Sugar Instance

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Article Summary

This document is updated (Summer 2023) to describe three distinct actions that need to be performed in order to make Mobileforce work within your Sugar Instance.

The following topics are a guide on how to directly install and configure Mobileforce for an instance of SugarCRM without using SugarCRM Marketplace or Sugar Outfitters. This is currently how Mobileforce products are installed and set up in a Sugar instance.


In future, when Sugar Outfitters becomes active, this direct method will not be recommended . Sugar Outfitters is the enhanced SugarCRM Marketplace, which will allow you to more easily install Mobileforce. For more information, see Using Mobileforce CPQ with Sugar CRM


This document assumes that you have a Sugar Instance with Sugar Sell (in order to use Mobileforce CPQ) and Sugar Serve (in order to use Mobileforce FSM). It also assumes you have Admin credentials for your Sugar Instance in order to complete Action 1 below, and Admin credentials to Mobileforce in order to complete Action 3 below.

Action 1: Install Mobileforce within your Sugar Instance

You need to be a Sugar Admin to complete the steps in this action

To install and configure Mobileforce within your SugarCRM instance, you will perform the following steps:

Action 2: Create a Mobileforce cloud Instance for Mobileforce FSM and Mobileforce CPQ.

You will need to run a (new) Mobileforce script to create a Mobileforce cloud Instance for FSM and CPQ. This instance is different from your Sugar Instance. Anyone can run this script, but you need to know some details (specifically admin email) about your Mobileforce Admin user/roles in order to complete this action.

Run the script This script specifically uses the information you provide for Account Name, Work email , and CRM, to automatically create a Mobileforce Cloud Instance that is specifically customized for you and your CRM.

Use the following information for your sugar instance:

Account Nameprospect/customer name
Your NameCheck w Mobileforce Support
Work EmailCheck w Mobileforce Support
Your Company Namesimilar to Account Name
Your Company AddressCorp office Address
#EmployeesPick a numerical value
CRMSugar or Hubspot or Zendesk or Pipedrive

If the script succeeds, you'll get this message:
Success from Provision Script

Action 3: Tie together your Sugar Instance with your Mobileforce Instance.

You need to be a Mobileforce Solutions consultant and work with Mobileforce Product Engineering to complete this step.

Specify the following Prop keys in your Mobileforce Cloud Instance ADL by using your Sugar Instance URL

  1. Your Sugar instance URL is abstracted as sugar-instance-url

2.Your Sugar instance has an admin user sguser whose password is sgpwd

  1. Your OAuth client id key in Action 1, Step 1 is ConsumerKey

  2. Your OAuth client id secret in Action 1, Step 1 is ConsumeSecret

1. <prop key="sugarcrm-sugarurl">sugar-instance-url</prop>
2. <prop kev="sugarcrm-oauth-accesstokenurl">sugar-instance-url/rest/v10/oauth2/token</prop>
3. <prop key="sugarcrm-sugarurl">sugar-instance-url</prop>
4. <prop key="sugarcrm-oauth-service-username">sguser</prop>
5. <prop key="sugarcrm-oauth-service-password">sgpwd</prop>
6. <prop key="sugarcrm-oauth-clientid">ConsumerKey</prop>
7  <prop key="sugarcrm-oauth-clientsecret">ConsumerSecret</prop>

Finally, one last set of changes needs to be made to the file instance.ini on our cloud infrastructure (under customers/sugarcrm/instance.ini) . These changes can only be made by Mobileforce Product Engineering. Please email them to complete this last change

On Server

At the end of the file, add another entry as follows: (with values from the table above

account = "prospect/customer name"
app = "mobileforce"
cpq = "Home;cpq-Quote"
fsm = "Home;easyclm-ServiceTask"
cpq_new = "Home;cpq-NewQuote"
fsm_new = "Home;easyclm-ServiceTask"


In addition, the Mobileforce Product Engineering needs to add a specific screenID in the ADL for the screens that use the CPQ button: cpq-QuoteFilterByOpportunity

In Database

As an additional task that only the Mobileforce Product Engineering can perform, an additional entry is needed in cloud dbms fmdb in the fmaccounts database and the AccountAppLookup table

In this table a specific sugar url (for your sugar instance) needs to be used in place of what's shown in this screenshot:


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