Managing Line Items
  • 19 Sep 2023
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Managing Line Items

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Line items are goods or services that are added to a proposal/quote for a customer. These line items are selected from the configured price books associated with your CPQ application. You can manage line items for a quote from the Quote tab of the Proposal/Quote page. From this tab you can:

  • Add a line item to a proposal.
  • Increase the quantity of line items in the proposal.
  • Add discounts for a line item.
  • Remove one or more line items from the proposal.

The selectable products as well as their quantity and available discounts are all configured from the CPQ Setup menu by users with Admin-level privileges. Please contact your Admin if you require changes to be made.

Add a line item to your proposal

You can add a line item to a quote as long as it is still open. If it is approved, you may have to resubmit it for approval based on the rules for your company.

Click the Add Line Item button to open the Select a Product page, where you can navigate the Product Categories menus to locate the desired product or use the Search field. Click the item to highlight it, and click the Add button to add it to the proposal.

If needed you can use the arrow icons ( image.png and image.png ) to move line items up higher and lower in the quote.

Change line item quantities

You can change the number of any line item in the quote, highlighted in green in the graphic below.

By default, when a line item is added to the quote the quantity is set to 1. Select the Quantity field for the desired line item, and specify the desired number.

Mobileforce also supports decimal quantities. However, to allow this for a product, you must set the product’s quantity step to a fractional value, such as 0.01 (instead of using a number such as 1). By default it is 1 for a product.

Duplicate line items

If you need to duplicate a line item in the quote, for discount or accounting purposes, you can copy a line item by clicking the image.png button.

Adding a discount

Based on sales promotions, you may want to apply a discount to line items in your quote. For example, you may be giving customers a free year of support if they purchase your Enterprise Service.

From the Line Items section, you can specify either a percentage or amount discount for any line item, if the product or service is configured in the Price Book to allow discounts.

When a line item has been added, you can click the Discount Type list and select whether you want the discount to be Percent (%) or Amount ($) (highlighted in green in the graphic below)


Then enter the discount amount in the Discount field for the line item.


Discount ranges (Minimum Discount and Maximum Discount) are specified in as a part of the product in its pricing tab and are used to validate the specified discount. These discount ranges can take either absolute values or percentages. While actual prices cannot be negative, discount percentages greater than 100% can be used to determine that the discounted price is negative.


The line items table can specify a column for discounts, which is controlled by the Quote UI Layout. In order to automatically compute discount and add discount to a line item, one can make the discount field in the Quote UI Layout as a "dynamically computed" field, and even set the built-in cpq_user_discount field using a Computed Value Formula that is based on a specific product characteristic such as the product SKU, thus ensuring that specific products, when added to Line Items get specific discounts.

If the discount is not available or valid for the line item an error message is displayed.


If the discount is not available (based on the Price Book) or valid for the line item (based on business logic) an error message is displayed at the top of the page.

Deleting Line Items

To remove a line item from a quote, you must delete it. Locate the line item you want to remove from the quote, and click the delete icon (image.png).

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