Managing Maintenance Contracts
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Managing Maintenance Contracts

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Mobileforce FSM allows you to manaage the maintenance contracts for your customers. In Mobileforce, Maintenance Contract entries are a database objects that includes the period of time of the contract, the contract number, and the account(s) associated with it. Additionally, the equipment associated with the contract, the electronic version of the contract, and the associated service tasks are referenced as associated objects in subtables.

Maintenance contracts are often sold as a part of a product sale; in this case, they result in one or more service tasks being created as a part of the maintenance contract, for the technician to visit the customer site on a specific schedule, and perform maintenance on the product being sold. Such, proactive maintenance is also recorded as "related" service tasks, as a part of a maintenance contract entry.

Maintenance Contracts entries are used by the following roles:

  • Technicians create the Maintenance Contract entry while at the client site, after the client has signed the contract.
  • Maintenance Contracts are sometimes automatically created as a part of a sales workflow, where upon a completion of a sale, a corresponding maintenance contract (for an agreed upon time period into the future) is created. Maintenance Contracts could also be created in situations where the customer directly purchases such a contract, within some time after they purchased a product. For such Maintenance Contracts, any of the field service roles can have access to update or modif the contract.
  • Agents and Dispatchers review the Maintenance Contract when creating or reviewing Service Tasks to determine whether the tasks are included in the contract.

To create or review the entries, select Maintenance Contracts from the Field Service menu.


From here you can:

  • Click the image26 button to create a new contract entry.
  • Click the image-1651687637794 button to review an existing contract entry and edit it if necessary.
  • Filter the table to show only the results you need. For more information, see Filtering Tables.

Creating a Maintenace Contract entry

Clicking the image26 button creates a new contract entry.


Enter the following information and click image202.

  • A name, description, and contract number for the entry, so users in your organization can easily identify the maintenance contract entry.
  • The start and end dates of the contract.
  • The Mobileforce FSM and CRM accounts associated with the client.

Reviewing and Editing a Maintenace Contract entry

When you click the image82 button to review an existing Maintenance Contract entry, and potentially update it, Mobileforce displays it in a new page as well as any related Mobileforce FSM objects in tabular format. All of the objects are optional, and may not necessarily be used by your organization.


From this page you can do the following:

  • To edit the maintenance contract entry, click the image205 button.
  • To edit an individual field for the entry, click the image69 button for the field and then update it.

For the related subtables, you can do the following:

  • To create a new object (for example, Equipments), click the image.png button.
  • To open the table for the related object type in a new window, click the image.png button.

The Maintenance Contracts page lists the following related subtables:
Lists the equipment that is covered by the maintenance contract.

Lists entries that include the files (i.e., pdf of the maintenance contract, product identifiers such as bar-codes or asset tags, or even photos of thh product taken to identify and record the current status of the product) associated with the maintenance contract entry.

Maintenance Contract Histories:
The updates that have been made to the Maintenance Contract entries, allowing you to review all changes for auditing purposes, including when it changed, and who changed it.

Service Tasks:
Lists the service tasks associated or covered by the maintenance contract. A Maintenance Contract may include a specific schedule of maintenance services each of which can result in a service task being created for a specific product to be "maintained" or a specific set of dates.

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