Managing Work Order Tasks
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Managing Work Order Tasks

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Article Summary

The Service Tasks table on the Work Order page lists the service tasks associated with the Work Order, allowing you to review the current status of each task, the office assigned to the task, and if it has been modified recently.

Mobileforce displays the table on the Service Task page, allowing you to review the list of tasks in tabular format.


Additionally, you can click the image238 button to open the table in its own window.


By default, the Service Tasks table lists the following columns:

The Appointments table lists the following columns:

  • Name:
    The name of the service task.
  • Status:
    The current status of the task (for example, Scheduled).
  • CRM Account:
    The CRM account associated with the task, typically the customer who requested the work.
  • Work Order:
    The name of the work order.
  • Type:
    The type of task to be performed.
  • Installed Equipment:
    Lists all of the equipment to be serviced by the task.
  • Office:
    The location where the task is to be performed. .
  • Created Date:
    The date and time when the appointment was created.
  • Modified Date:
    The date and time when the appointment was last updated.

To to open a pop-up window where you can change the colunmns displayed in the Service Task table, click
image46 and select Select Columns. For more information, see Filtering Tables.

Additionally, you can do the following:

  • Click image-1651687637794 to open the related object.
  • Click image26 to create a new task.
  • Click image.png to delete a task.

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