Mobileforce Layout Manager
  • 13 Feb 2023
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Mobileforce Layout Manager

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Article Summary

Layout Manager allows you to customize the user interface/layout options for Mobileforce pages/tables, ensuring that the desired Mobileforce and source CRM fields and objects are available in the layout.

In general, for any table, Mobileforce Layout Manager provides the ability to control a combination of the following:

  • Which fields are shown in the table,and in what order.
  • What device type or form factor (e.g., web, table, phone) is a layout applicable for. This means that the same table can look very different on different device /screens, thus taking into acccout the size of these screens.
  • what operations (e.g., Create, Read, Update, Delete, List,..) are supported on the table.

If you are creating a new layout for a Mobileforce Quote, you can put the a Deal Stage (from your source CRM) and Proposal Creation Date (from Mobileforce CRM) in the layout.

The Layout Manager page can be accessed through the Admin menu of your Mobileforce interface.


Only users with "Admin" roles have access to the Layout Manager.


From this page, you can:

  • Review the list of existing layouts
  • Create a new layout
  • Edit an existing layout
  • Copy an existing layout (to use as a template for other layouts)
  • Delete existing layouts

Understanding Mobileforce Layouts

Using the Layout Manager, you can create multiple Layouts for any existing Mobileforce table/object. Additionally, you can create specific layouts, so that only users that match the specified constraints can see the layout or perform specific actions, such as read, create, or update:

  • One or more specific roles configured for your Mobileforce instance.
  • One or more specific form factors/device interfaces used to access Mobileforce (for example, web browser, phone, or tablet).

An organization may allow managers to create, read, and update entries from the Accounts layout, but allow field service technicians to only read entries from the layout.

Additionally, you can combine the constraints for additional flexibility.


An organization may allow managers to create, read, and update entries from the Quotes layout from a web browser, and only allow managers to read entries from the layout from a phone or tablet.

Layout Manager Table

The Layout Manager table lists all of the layouts available for your Mobileforce role in tabular format.

You can click any of the following columns to sort the table in ascending order (or double-click to sort in descending order):

Param Prefix
Indicates the database associated with the table used to create the layout.

The name of the table used to create the layout.

The creator-created name of the layout.

Specifies the layout type defined by the creator.

The actions available for this layout:

  • create
  • update
  • read
  • list

Form Factors/Device Interfaces
Lists the devices and interfaces that can access this layout.

Lists the user roles who can access this layout.

Specify the priority of the layout. If multiple layouts for the same table are available for a user with a role and/or a specific device interface (for example, two layouts for Admins viewing the layout from a tablet), Mobileforce will select the layout with the lowest number.


You may have a standard layout for a table, and a secondary layout that is based on current events or a specific time frame. You could create the first layout, specifying a priority of 10, and create the second layout, specifying a priority of 1 for the specific time period.

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