• 28 Jul 2022
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The following article describes the lifecycle of a typical proposal in the Mobileforce CPQ application, from initial creation to saving the quote to the associated CRM.


The business rules for your organization may add or remove stages from the lifecycle listed below.


Create Proposal

Proposals can be generated from either an existing opportunity, deal, or ticket in the source CRM, or they can be created new within the Mobileforce CPQ application. Users add additional customer information as needed.

For more information, see Creating a Proposal.

Build Quote

Once the initial information for the proposal is created, the user will build the terms of the quote additionally doing the following:

  • Add line items to the proposals, adjusting the quantity and applying discounts as needed.
  • Validate the proposal to determine if any errors exist and ensure that the quote follows the rules for your CPQ and CRM applications. (optional)
  • Generate an initial quote/estimate document for the customer to review. (optional)
  • Save the proposal (at any time) to work on it at a later time (optional).

For more information, see Creating a Quote for your Proposal.

Approval Process

Once the quote is complete, the user can submit the proposal to the designated approver, if required by the business rules.

The approver is notified of the proposal. They can then review the proposal and approve or decline it with comments, sending it back to the user for processing.

For more information, see Submitting a Proposal for Approval and Reviewing and Approving Proposals.

Sign Proposal

If the proposal is approved, the user can digitally sign the proposal, and so can the customer if they are available. All digital signatures obtained this way are automatically included in the proposal documentation.

For more information, see Generating Signatures for your Proposal.

Generate Proposal Documents

Once the user has signed the proposal, they can generate the final proposal document(s) and send them to the customer for review, and signature if required. Typically this takes place via email outside of the Mobileforce CPQ application.

For more information, see Creating Proposal Documents.

Save to CRM

Once the customer has reviewed the documentation and signed off on the proposal, the user can save the proposal to the CRM, which updates the applicable CRM modules with information from the proposal, and attaches the quote to the deal, opportunity or ticket.

For more information, see Saving Quotes to your CRM.

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