Reviewing Quote History
  • 22 May 2023
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Reviewing Quote History

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Mobileforce CPQ supports quote versioning, and allows you to view the version history of each quote, specifically what options changed and when did those changes occur. Quote Versioning is useful for audit trails, and to keep track of what changed between quote versions. Additional details such as creation and modification dates, and who created the quote are especially useful for audit purposes.

Quote ID

Before you can review the history of a quote, you must ensure that you know its ID.

From Mobileforce CPQ, select Proposals/Quote to view the Quotes table.


By default, the table displays quotes, sorted by ID in descending order. You can locate the desired quote using search criteria, filters, sorting, and navigating the table.

The ID of the quote is typically located from the Quotes table or by opening the desired quote and selecting the Quote tab.


Quote Instances

To view quotes history, select Quote Instances from the CPQ Setup page. Note that you must have an admin role in order to access the CPQ Setup page.


By default, the table displays all open quotes, sorted by ID in descending order. You can locate the desired quote using filters, sorting, and navigating the table. The Revision column indicates the most recent version of the quote. So, for instance, Quote ID 245, is at revision 18, meaning it has had 18 versions. Similarly, Quote ID 244 is at version 26, which indicates that this specific quote has had 26 versions. For more information, see Managing Quote Instances

The Quote Instances page displays key information such as who created the quote and when it was created, as well as its recent modified information.

For more information about a specific quote, select the desired quote to open it.

Quote Versioning

The quote instance page displays all of the revisions for the quote, sorted by revision number in descending order, hence a concise view of all versions of the specific quote.


The table lists the following columns:

The versioning number for the quote. Each time a quote is saved a new revision is generated and the updates are recorded. Quotes are saved both automatically by Mobileforce CPQ when a user performs specific actions and manually when a user clicks the Save button.

Created At:
Provides the date and time stamp when the revision was created by Mobileforce CPQ.

Created By:
Lists the username of the user who updated the quote. Typically this will be either the user who created the quote, or the manager who approved the quote.

When a revision is generated, Mobileforce CPQ automatically provides a comment stating why the revision was created.

View Quote

To view the actual code data that is contained in a quote version, you can click the View button. Mobileforce CPQ opens a new tab and displays the quote in JSON format.

For best results, Mobileforce recommends that you view this data in a text editor designed to review code.

Review Updates to the Quote

To review the differences between version, you can click the Diff button to review the changes between the selected version and the previous version.


The title of the page lists the ID of the selected and previous revision.


By default, the page lists only the values that changed between the revisions of the quotes. To view all of the entries for the quote, ensure that Show Unchanged Values is selected.

The table lists the following columns:
Field: The name of the field name where the value was updated.

Op: The type of action (Add, Update, Delete), if any, that occured between the previous and current version.

Old Value: The field value for the previous revision.

New Value: The field value for the selected revision.

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