Reviewing Service Task History
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Reviewing Service Task History

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Article Summary

The Service Task History table lists all of the updates that have been made to the Service Task, allowing you to review what changed, when it changed, and who changed it. This is typically used for Audit purposes, as well as to determine "First Time Fix" rates.

Mobileforce displays the Service Task History section on the Service Task page, allowing you to review the history of the service task in tabular format.


Additionally, you can click the image238 button to open the table in its own window.


The Service Task History table lists the following columns:

  • Name:
    Lists the Mobileforce FSM generated name for the action.
  • Service Task:
    Lists the service task that generated the action.
  • Action:
    Lists the action type: Create, Delete, Read, Update,
  • Field:
    Lists the id of the field that was modified for the Service Task.
  • Old Value:
    List the value, if any, that was replaced for the field when the action took place.
  • New Value:
    For any Update action, lists the value that was changed for the field when the action took place.
  • Timestamp:
    The date and time when the action occured.
  • User:
    The name of the user who initiated the action. Click the name to view the user profile.

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