Technician Tasks
  • 26 Jan 2023
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Technician Tasks

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Article Summary

The information and links in this artcile relate specifically to users in your organization who have a Technician role.


Users with a technician role have a primary duty of direct client interaction, typically to complete one or more assigned service tasks. In a typical organzation, technicians are dispatched each day to their schedule of appointments that was assigned by a dispatcher.

While technicians may have an office or workspace where they engage with the web-based version of Mobileforce FSM, it is anticipated that when technicians review and manage service tasks and other tables, it will mostly be done from the field using the mobile version of Mobileforce.

Technicians uses Mobileforce to review their scheduled appointments, work with customers to complete forms and update service tasks.

Additionally, technicians may use Mobileforce to clock in and clock out for the day, update work orders, and manage inventory, installed equipment, and fleet information.

Primary Technician Topics

The following is a list of links to primary topics, located elsewhere in this knowledge base, related to the main tasks that Technicians will perform.

Clocking In and Out
Open the Clock In/Clock Out utility, allowing you to enter the hours that you work, the associated service task worked during those hours, and any additional details.

Reviewing Service Tasks
Open the assigned service tasks in the mobile app to review the client information, the work to be completed, and any additional information or associated objects (inventory, fleet, installed equipment, etc.) for the task. Additionally, the technician may update the status of the service task at the conclusion of the appointment.

Reviewing Inventory
Specify when inventory items are required or consumed during a service task. Additionally, technicians can assign inventory items for future service tasks, and update the status of inventory items following a service task.

Reviewing Installed Equipment
Review the installed equipment already sold to the customer or already exists at the premises where the service task is to be completed. Additionally, technicians can create an entry specifying this information for future service tasks.

Completing and Submitting Forms
Open the required forms to review with the client in the mobile app. Enter the applicable client information and obtain authorization, if required. When finished, submit the form to your Mobileforce FSM database.

Creating and Managing Service Tasks
From the web application, technicians may review existing service tasks to confirm information or status of the task. Additionally, technicians may update the parts, documents,

Reviewing Appointments
From the mobile application, technicians may review existing appointments to review the appointment details.

Reviewing Work Orders
From the mobile application, technicians may review the work order associated with multiple service tasks and any files associated with the work order.

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