Updating Service Task Types
  • 26 Jan 2023
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Updating Service Task Types

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In Mobileforce FSM, agents can optionally assign a single Service Task Type to a Service Task to organize or even route tasks to specific offices, territories, or dispatchers.

  • An organization creates Residential and Commercial Service Task Types to differentiate their client types.
  • An organization create Service Contract and Standard Customer to organize or even prioritize Service Tasks based on the customer type.

Accessing the Service Task Type page

Only users with admin privileges can add, edit, or delete the list of Service Task Types. Once these types are created, Agents can assign them to any Service Task. For more information, see Creating and Editing Service Tasks

From the Field Service Setup page, click Service Task Types.


From here you can:

  • Click the image26 button to create a new type.
  • Click the image-1651687637794 button to review or edit an existing type.
  • Click the image74 button to delete an existing type.

Before deleting a Service Task Type, ensure that no current Service Tasks use this type. To review whether the Service Task Type is being used, click the image-1651687637794 button.

Create a new Service Task Type

To create a new type, click the image26 button.


Specify the following options and click image.png when finished:

  • Name:
    Enter the name of the type.
  • Color:
    Click the drop-down list and select the color to be associated with the Service Task Type.

Review or edit an existing Service Task Type

To review or modify an existing task type, first click the image-1651687637794 button to open its Service Task Type page.


The page lists the name of the Service Task Type and the following related subtables:

  • The Appointments table lists any scheduled Appointments associated with a Service Task assigned the specified Service Task Type.
  • The Service Tasks table lists any Service Tasks assigned the specified Service Task Type.

Each subtable lists the number of related objects next to the table name.

For the Service Task Type, you can do the following:

  • To edit the selected type, click the image205 button.
  • To edit either the Name or Color fields, click the image69 button for the field and modify it.

For the related Mobileforce FSM objects, you can do the following:

  • To create a new related object (for example, Service Task or Appointment), click the applicable image.png button.
  • To open the table for the related object type in a new page, click the associated image.png button.

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