Using Mobileforce with Hubspot
  • 18 Sep 2023
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Using Mobileforce with Hubspot

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Mobileforce CPQ seamlessly integrates with your CRM, so you can easily access the CPQ module from the Hubspot User Interface as well as creating a proposal from the Hubspot Deals module.

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Additional benefits include:

Same Credentials:
Mobileforce CPQ uses Hubspot's user credentials when requesting access, removing the need for separate Mobileforce credentials.

Embedded User Interface:
The Mobileforce CPQ user interface is embedded and accessible directly from the Hubspot interface and has the same look and feel (font, color scheme, and user experience) as any Hubspot table.

Installing Mobileforce CPQ for Hubspot

Mobileforce CPQ is a cloud-hosted product which can be easily installed into your Hubspot instance from the Hubspot App Marketplace. If you are logged into your Hubspot instance, you can access the marketplace by:

  • Clicking the Hubspot App Marketplace icon in the navigation bar.
  • Navigating directly to the Hubspot App Marketplace website.

From the Hubspot App Marketplace, search for Mobileforce CPQ.


Click the Mobileforce CPQ link to access its page, and click the Install App button.

Configuring Mobileforce CPQ

Once correctly installed, the Mobileforce CPQ App can be accessed from your Hubspot instance by clicking the image.png icon and navigating to Account Setup > Integrations > Connected Apps from the navigation pane of the Settings page.


When accessing Mobileforce CPQ for the first time, you must confirm the integration between Hubspot CRM and Mobileforce. Accepting the request grants Mobileforce CPQ read and write access to Hubspot CRM objects.


Both your Hubspot CRM and Mobileforce CPQ reside on their own cloud instance, ensuring that no CRM information persists on the Mobileforce cloud, providing you secure CPQ usage.

Hubspot User Settings for Mobileforce CPQ Access

In order for a hubspot user to be able to access Mobileforce CPQ, they need to have the following permissions. A hubspot admin can acess individual user's access permissions by going to the Settings (Gear) icon on the top right of the Hubspot UI, then navigating to

Settings --> Users & Teams --> Select Specific User --> Under Actions select "Edit"

CRM Permissions

Ensure the following CRM Permissions:

Hubspot User CRMAccess Permissions

CRM Tools Permissions

Ensure the following CRM Tools Permissions:
Hubspot User CRMTools Permissions

Sales Permissions

Ensure the following Sales Permissions:
Hubspot User SalesAccess Permissions

Launching Mobileforce CPQ from Hubspot

Once you have installed the Mobileforce CPQ solution for your Hubspot CRM instance, you can access Mobileforce CPQ using one of the following methods:

Create a Quote from a Hubspot Deal
By creating a quote from a Hubspot deal, the account and contact information are automatically migrated to the quote by Mobileforce CPQ to provide context. Admins detemine the fields that are populated using the options found in CPQ Setup.


If you require specific fields to be populated from the associated Hubspot Deal, contact your CRM or CPQ admin.

Access Mobileforce CPQ as a standalone solution
Users can create new or edit existing quotes from the CPQ Proposals page, which can then be associated with existing Hubspot CRM objects includung Deals, Contacts, and Customer information.

In Hubspot, navigate to Sales > Deals, and select or create the desired deal. Mobileforce CPQ is listed as a card on the right sidebar.


Do one of the following:

  • Click New CPQ Proposal to create a quote based on the selected deal.
  • Click the Actions drop-down list to select CPQ Proposals to access the CPQ Proposals page.

Mobileforce CPQ Credentials

Since Hubspot uses a single credentials across accounts, if your credentials access multiple Hubspot accounts you may have to select a specific Hubspot account to access Mobileforce CPQ.


Quotes based on Deals

If you create a quote based on a Hubspot Deal, the CPQ Proposal page is displayed with the customer information automatically read from the Hubspot deal, saving time and effort.


Unique CPQ Features for Hubspot

For better integration with your Hubspot CRM instance, Mobileforce has incorporated the following features into the CPQ application:

Price Level:
From the Quote tab, Hubspot users can click the Price Level dropdown list and select from the desired options (MSRP, Partner, and Distributor).

This applies the configured Discount Value to the entire quote.

From the Generated Docs tab, Hubspot users can click the Stage dropdown. When the user updates the quote to Hubspot, the current stage of the deal associated with the Quote will be updated to the selected Stage.

Writing the Quote back to Hubspot

Once the quote is complete and approved, Mobileforce CPQ enables you to save the quote back to your Hubspot Deal, using the Save to CRM button, which updates the following fields associated with the deal: Amount, Pipeline, and Stage


  • Mobileforce CPQ updates Line Items associated with the Deal
  • Mobileforce CPQ uploads the Quote as a PDF, generating a note in the Activity Stream of your Hubspot CRM instance stating Quote PDF Updated.

If desired, Mobileforce Support can configure Mobileforce CPQ to not update Line-Items , or to update and map other objects and custom fields in your Hubspot CRM. For more information about this or any other required customization, please contact Mobileforce Support.

Saving Custom Fields to CRM

When the** Line Items ** Table has custom fields, upon performing a “Save To CRM” action, these custom fields data can also be written back to to the "deal" object in Hubspot CRM . Two kinds of fields are written back to Hubspot:

(a) custom CPQ quote fields are written into Hubspot Deal properties

(b) custom CPQ line item fields are written into Hubspot line-items.

The ADL properties hubspot-deal-properties-to-update and hubspot-line-item-properties-to-update control this write process. These ADL properties should be set to JSON objects that map hubspot fields to Mobileforce CPQ fields. For example:

<prop key="hubspot-line-item-properties-to-update">{"cf_production_time" : "production_time"}</prop>


<prop key="hubspot-deal-properties-to-update">{"amount" : "final_net_amount", "special_requirements" : "special_instructions", "stand_width__m_" : "width_exh", "stand_length__m_" : "length_exh"}</prop>

The first property says to write the MF line-item field named production_time into Hubspot line-item field named cf_production_time. The second property is similar, except that it is mapping multiple top-level MF CPQ fields with fields in the Hubspot Deal record.

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