Who would benefit from using Mobileforce CPQ?
  • 27 Feb 2023
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Who would benefit from using Mobileforce CPQ?

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Article Summary

Mobileforce CPQ can save time and money for users who have an existing CRM solution and are spending time on the following activities:

  • Frequently creating and updating quotes outside of your CRM, either manually or using Work or Excel.
  • Constantly adding information to quotes that reside in disparate systems of record, such as your CRM solution, Pricing and ERP modules, and Support systems.
  • Managing complex terms and conditions as well as support and marketing collateral that are dependent on which products are included in quotes.
  • Manually adding product, priving, and discounts to a quote in your CRM.
  • Sending proposals for approval via a specific chain of command for specific discounts for specific customers.
  • Sending and receiving quotes via email with customers, requiring singature approvals for regulatory purposes.
  • Continually creating, updating, and sending multiple revisions of quotes to customers, increasing the difficulty of tracking changes.
  • Collaborating with customers on shared updates to quotes.
  • Managing complex product pricing and configuration rules that need to be triggered when products are added to quotes.
  • Creating quotes in multiple currencies in various regions of the world.
  • Managing complext product configuation processes as well as complex entitlement, support, and/or warranties to certain products.
  • Needing distinct pre-defined quote and document templates to define the layout and structure of quotes for certain products.
  • Registering deals and quotes with partners with automatic partner pricing, spiffs, and mdf.

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