Actions tab - Quote UI Layout
  • 30 May 2023
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Actions tab - Quote UI Layout

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Article Summary

The Actions tab of the Quote UI Layout page, allows admins to select and manage the built-in and custom actions that can be performed by Mobileforce CPQ. These actions are linked to specific event that take place during the CPQ process.

  • Built-In Action: A built-in action is an action predefined for Mobileforce CPQ that is associated with a specific trigger. For example, Mobileforce CPQ has the built in action of Validate, which is triggered when a seller click the Validate button in the UI, resulting in Mobileforce CPQ validating all quote elements currently configured.
    The ID for these actions always uses the prefix of "cpq_" (for example, cpqactionapproval_submit)
  • Custom Actions: A custom action is defined by an admin that meets their specific business needs. The admin writes server-side action scripts that are coded to the CPQ System specification.
    When creating custom actions, ensure that the ID for the action does not begin with "cpq_" to avoid confusion with Mobileforce built-in actions.
Custom Action Examples:
  • An admin could create a Go to Dashboard action that takes a user to the parent CRM Opportunity dashboard. The admin would link the action to a Dashboard button to trigger the action when the user clicks it in the UI.
  • An admin can create an action that would result in the quote being automatically routed to the appropriate approvers, specified in the Approval Groups, for approval of special or discounted pricing. The admin would need a URL identifying the server-side script invoked when performing this action.

An organization requires approval for all quotes, so the Mobileforce CPQ Admin must create a Submit for Approval action.



The Actions tab is divided into two panes:

  • The left pane is a tree-like structure listing the actions for the layout. This pane supports drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to reorder the actions.
  • The right pane provides the details of the action, including the ID, Action URL, Access Control and Data Update information.

Creating an Action

To create a new action, click the Add Action button.


Enter the following information and click Add.

  • ID: Enter a valid identifier for the action. The identifier must only include letters, digits, dashes, or underscores.
  • Hidden: Select Show if the action is visible to sellers or select Hide if the action is hidden from sellers. When Show is selected, the UI and Validation sections are added to the right pane of the Actions page. Hidden actions are often used for admin activity or for analytics and tracking.
  • Action URL: Enter the web address of the server-side script that performs the built-in or custom action.
  • Label: Enter the name for the action to be displayed in the left pane of the Actions page.
  • When entering an ID for the Input, ensure that the name does not include the prefix "cpq_", as this is reserved for pre-defined inputs created by Mobileforce.

The action is added to the left pane, and its details are displayed in the right pane of the Actions page. Update the details and click Save when finished.

Additionally, you can click Preview to view the action.

Managing Actions

From the Actions page, you can do the following:

  • To edit an action, click the action in the left pane, its details are displayed in the right. Edit the desired fields and click Save.
  • To delete an action, click to highlight the action in the left pane, and click Delete.
  • To reorder an action, click to select the action in the left pane and drag it to the desired location,

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