Adding Product Price Book Entries
  • 16 Mar 2023
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Adding Product Price Book Entries

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When creating a product entry, you can add multiple Price Book entries from the Pricing tab.

Click the Add Entry button to open the Add Price screen.


Specify the price book options and click Save.

Specify General Options

Click the Pricebook dropdown list and select the desired pricebook. Optionally specify Tag and Description details as needed.


When you create the price book, Mobileforce CPQ automatically populates the metadata values (such as Created Time) for the product.

Access Control options

Specify the following options:

Active: Specify whether the pricebook is currently active. By default, the setting is set to Yes. To deactivate the product, the setting should be set to No.

Effective Date: Click the field to select the date after which users can select the pricebook.

Expiration Date: Click the field to select the date after which users can no longer select the pricebook.


Each entry in the Price Book Table is an item which has the following price options:

Method: Select the desired method used to specify how the product is priced in quotes specifically to compute the product's subtotal from the product's quantity. Select the following price options:

  • flatFee: Subtotal is a flat fee. Quantity is ignored.
  • perUnit: Subtotal is the list price multiplied by the quantity.
  • volume: Subtotal is determined by looking up the list price from the price matrix, then multiplying it by the quantity.
  • tiered: Similar to the volume method except the subtotal is computed by summing up the per tier prices. For example, if tier 1 is $10 for 1-50 items and tier 2 is $8 for 51-100 items, then the price for a 70 items would be 50 x $10 + 20 x $8 = $660. This is different from the volume method, where the subtotal would be 70 * $8 = $560.
  • block: Similar to the volume method except the value read from the table is not multiplied by the quantity. For example, if the table has $500 for 51-100 items, then the subtotal for 70 items will be $500.

List Price: The price that is populated when the item is added to a quote. This is the Unit price for the product. Used by the flatFee and perUnit methods.

Minimum Price: The lowest price that the item can be discounted in a quote.

Price book item tier

For the volume, tiered, and block methods, the price book item has an associated matrix of prices, which provides a list price for a given range of quantities.

Each row in this matrix has the following fields.

id: Internal unique numerical ID for this table row.
priceBookItemId: Id of the price book item owning this tier
from: Start quantity of this tier.
to: End quantity of this tier.
listPrice: Unit price for this tier.

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