Creating a Proposal
  • 11 Jun 2023
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Creating a Proposal

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Using Mobileforce CPQ, you can create a proposal, which is a quote for items or services provided by your company. When approved, the data from the proposal is uploaded to your associated CRM application.

Proposals are typically generated from an existing CRM object, such as a opportunity or a deal, in your associated CRM. For example, if you have an existing Deal in your HubSpot CRM, you can generate a proposal from that object.

Once you have created a proposal, you can submit it for approval or save it, so you can return to it later for completion.


All of the tabs, sections and fields of a proposal can be customized by users with admin privileges to meet your your business and organizational needs. The user interface (such as tabs, sections, tables, and fields) displayed and described in these articles is based on the default version created by Mobileforce.

Generating a Proposal from a CRM module

Mobileforce CPQ has seamlessly integrated with your CRM, so you can easily access the CPQ module from your CRM, but also so you can generate a proposal from a CRM module:

  • For SugarCRM, you can create a proposal from the Opportunities module.
  • For Hubspot CRM and ZenDesk Sell CRM, you can create a proposal from the Deals module.
  • For ZenDesk Service, you can create a proposal from the Ticketing module.

So, from the desired module, you must select an object, and from that object you would create a proposal.

For example, if you had an Opportunity in SugarCRM for ABC Painting, and you wanted to create a proposal for painting services, you would open the ABC Painting object from the Opportunity module, and then click the CPQ button and select Create.


The interface switches to the Mobileforce CPQ application, where it creates a new proposal based on the information from the object.


Generating a Proposal from Mobileforce CPQ

The other way to create a proposal is directly from the Mobileforce CPQ application. First, open the Mobileforce CPQ application from your CRM. For more information, see Accessing MobileForce CPQ.


Click Proposals\Quotes to open the Proposals/Quotes module, and click Add to create a new proposal.

Updating your Proposal

Once you have created your proposal, you should add the customer and quote information for the proposal on the specified tabs:

CustomerSpecify the customer and contact information for the proposal. The Customer, Contact, and Opportunity fields are linked to objects in your Source CRM. For more information, see Managing the Customer tab.
QuoteSelect the Price Book, Work Dates, and Line Items for the quote. For more information, see Creating a Quote for your Proposal.
CommentsEnter any comments that should be saved with the proposal. For more information, see Entering Comments.
ApprovalsSend proposals to approvers who can review the proposal and then approve or decline it. For more information, see Submitting a Proposal for Approval.
SignaturesEnter your signature for the proposal when it is agreed to by all parties. For more information, see Generating Signatures for your Proposal.
Generated DocsGenerate an estimate, quote, or other document that you can then send to the customer. Additionally from this tab, you can save the quote information to your source CRM. For more information, see Creating Proposal Documents.
  • Click Save at any time to save your quote and return to it at a later time. When you save the quote, it is added to the table on the Proposals/Quotes module and given a status of In Progress.

Managing the Customer tab

The Customer tab allows you to specify customer details for the proposal. The tab is divided into three sections.

  • Customer Info: Allows you to specify information related to your customer. The Customer, Contact, and Opportunity fields are selected from your source CRM, whereas the other fields (such as Contact Email) must be entered manually.

If the proposal was created from your source CRM module (Opportunity, Deals, etc.), many values in this section are prepopulated with information from the source object.

  • Prepared By: This section is pre-populated with your contact information from the CPQ database. You may overwrite these values, if needed.

  • My Company Info: This section is pre-populated with your company details from the CPQ database. You may overwrite these values, if needed.

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