Filtering Tables
  • 08 Jul 2022
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Filtering Tables

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Mobileforce filters allow you to perform more and complex searches of your Mobileforce tables. Additionally, you can save these filters, so you can easily reuse them at a later date with any CPQ table and quickly switch between views as needed.

From any MobileForce CPQ table page, click the image.png button to open the Advanced Search Filter(s) window. Then do one of the following:

  • Click the Filter Name dropdown list, and select the desired filter.
  • Click image.png button to create a new filter.


At any time, you can click Save And Run to save the filter and execute the filter on the current table.

Selecting a Filter

You can change the selected filter or remove all filters at any time. Open the Advanced Search Filter(s) window, and click the Filter Name dropdown list and select the desired filter or select -None- to remove all filters.

Specify Filter Rules

You can create single filter rules or multiple filter rules that are grouped together by AND/OR (boolean) conditions:

  • Select the desired field name (Status, Account, Expiration Date, etc.) from the drop-down list.
  • Select the field-specific operation for the filter (=, starts with, >, etc.).
  • Enter the value for the filter.

If you want to view entries that were created before January 1, 2022, you would enter: Created AT, <, and 01/01/2022.

To add an additional filter, click Add Rule and select the additional filter criteria. Finally, specify the boolean operator for the Filter:

  • To view results that meet all conditions, select AND.
  • To view results that meet any conditions, select OR.

You can create groups of filters that can be controlled by the specified boolean operator, by clicking Add Group. For more information about Filter Groups, see

Set the displayed columns

If you have modified how your Mobileforce tables are displayed (for example, adding or removing columns from the table), you can click image.png to save the configuration with the specified filter rules. For more information about modifying your Mobileforce tables, see How do I modify my MobileForce tables?.

Click image.png to remove the column configuration from the filter.

Sharing filters with other users

Filters can be shared with other users. If one or more filters have been shared with you from another user, the list of saved filters in the dropdown list are divided into two categories: Shared Filters and My Filters.


To share a filter you created, click the Share button.

Managing filters

From the Advanced Search Filter(s) window you can peform the following operations on your filters.

  • Click Copy to make a copy of a saved filter, so you can make changes and maintain the original filter.
  • Click Rename to change the name of the current filter.
  • Click Share to share the filter with another user.
  • Click Delete to delete the filter from your list of filters.

When you have completed one or more of these operations, you must click Save and Run, or any changes to your filters are not saved.

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