Managing Quote Instances
  • 18 May 2023
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Managing Quote Instances

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Admins can review and manage proposals/quote for their whole organization from the Quote Instances page, providing an administrative view of proposals/quotes where admins can keep track of changes of quotes, even drilling down to see the changed fields between versions. This allows admins to perform "book-keeping" actions on proposals/quotes, such as closing quotes or reopening closed quotes.


Once a proposal/quote has been closed by an admin, it can no longer be modified by a seller.

To view the Quote Instances page, click Quote Instances from the CPQ Setup page.


From here you can:

Reviewing and managing quotes

The page organizes proposals/quote in a tabular format. You can sort the table using any of the columns by clicking the column name once to sort in alpha-numeric order, and a second time to sort in reverse order:

  • ID: The ID number automatically generated by Mobileforce CRM.
  • Form ID: The ID associated with the Quote Template used to create the proposal/quote.
  • State: Lists whether the proposals/quote is open or closed. By default, the Quote Instances page only displays quotes that are open.
  • Revision: Lists the current number of revisions (times that the proposal/quote was saved).
  • Created At: Lists the date and time when the proposal/quote was first saved.
  • Created By: Lists the email address of the user who created the proposal/quote.
  • Last Modified At: Lists the date and time when the proposal/quote was last saved.
  • Last Modified By: Lists the email address of the user who most recently saved the proposal/quote.

Searching and filtering quotes

  • Enter an email address in the Search field and press enter to find all proposals/quotes created by the user.
  • Click the Form ID drop-down list to view all proposals/quotes created using the selected template.

Close and open quotes

Admins have the ability to close quotes when they no longer want sellers or approvers to modify them (for example, when a quote no longer reflects the current pricing model). Additionally, admins can open/re-open quotes that have previously been closed.

Click the checkbox of one or more quotes, and then:

  • Click the Close button to close all of the selected quotes.
  • Click the Open button to open all of the selected quotes.

Closed quotes are not displayed on the Quote Instances page by default, so they may disappear when you close them. To view closed quotes, select the Show Closed checkbox.

Viewing quote details

Click any quote from the Quote Instances page to view its details.


The page lists the details regarding each revision of the proposal/quote.


The information in the Comments column are automatically generated by Mobileforce CPQ.

View revision changes

The admin can click the View Diff link to view all of the changes and actions that took place between the selected and previous revisions.


To view all values saved for the revision, select the **Show Unchanged Values ** checkbox.

Delete quotes

Mobileforce allows admins to delete quotes from Mobileforce CPQ. To delete quotes, click the checkbox of one or more quotes, and then click the Delete button.


Mobileforce highly recommends that admins DO NOT delete quotes from Mobileforce CPQ. This removes all historic data regarding the quote that may be required for auditing and tracking in the future.

Mobileforce recommends that admins use the open and close feature to ease management of proposals/quotes for sellers and approvers.

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