Managing Service Task Documents
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Managing Service Task Documents

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The Service Task Documents and Images table lists all of the documents that have been uploaded, typically by the technician, to the Service Task. The table allows dispatchers and technicians as well as agents to review these uploaded files for auditing and scheduling purposes.

If technicians are in the field, they may access this page through the mobile app. For more information, see Reviewing Service Tasks.

Mobileforce displays the Documents and Images section on the Service Task page, allowing you to review all associated files for the service task in tabular format.


Additionally, you can click the image238 button to open the table in its own window.


To add a new document, do one of the following:

  • Click the image236 button from the Documents and Images section of the Service Task page.
  • Click the image26 button from the Files page.


Specify the following information and click Create:

  • User:
    Lists the name of the user who added the document to Mobileforce FSM.
  • Parent Object Type:
    This is set to ServiceTask.
  • Parent:
    Lists the name of the Service Task associated with the document.
  • File Title or Description:
    Enter the title of the file or describe its contents.

To upload a file, click the Upload New button to select a local file from your computer and click OK.

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