Using Mobileforce FSM with Sugar CRM
  • 21 Mar 2023
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Using Mobileforce FSM with Sugar CRM

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Article Summary

Once you have installed Mobileforce within your SugarCRM instance, you can then launch Mobileforce FSM directly from your SugarCRM user interface.

For more information about setting up Mobileforce Field Service (FSM) with SugarCRM, see Installing and Configuring Mobileforce Sugar Instance.

Mobileforce FSM seamlessly integrates with your CRM, so you can easily access the FSM module from the SugarCRM User Interface.

Additional benefits include:

Same Credentials:
Mobileforce FSM uses your existing SugarCRM user credentials, removing the need for separate Mobileforce credentials.

Embedded User Interface:
The Mobileforce FSM user interface is embedded and accessible directly from the SugarCRM interface.


Additionally, Mobileforce FSM is designed to have the same look and feel (font, color scheme, and user experience) as your existing SugarCRM tables.

Access Control:
Mobileforce FSM supports access control of FSM screens and operations using Mobileforce expressions in conjunction with SugarCRM roles.

Launching Mobileforce FSM from SugarCRM

Once you have installed the Mobileforce FSM solution with your SugarCRM platform, you can launch the Mobileforce FSM application directly as a module from the SugarCRM platform using one of the following methods:

  • Creating a Mobileforce FSM service task directly from an existing SugarCRM Case, allowing Mobileforce to pre-populate the task with the applicable SugarCRM data.
  • Launching the Mobileforce FSM application as a module directly from the SugarCRM Navigation Bar. From the Mobileforce FSM application, you can perform all the desired FSM actions: create service tasks, schedule and dispatch apopointments, review and update forms, manage fleet vehicles, and so on.

Opening the Mobileforce FSM application

When Mobileforce FSM is installed, you can directly access the module from the naviation pane on the left side of the screen. By default, the Field Service module will be the last module at the bottom of the navigation pane (highlighted in yellow below).


Update the SugarCRM navigation bar

If you want to configure the SugarCRM navigation bar to better prioritize the Field Service module, you can configure it using your user preferences, where you can select which modules you want to display, as well as the order they appear in the navigation bar. For more information, refer to the SugarCRM Getting Started documentation.

Viewing the Field Service Module

When you click the Field Service button, the FSM Service Tasks page is displayed. You can access the other Field Service modules by accessing the Field Service main menu or clicking the Field Service link.



You can click the image.png button to expand the Mobileforce menu to navigate it, and click it again to collapse the menu when finished.


This matches the Sugar CRM functionality where you can click the image.png icon to open the Sugar navigation pane.

The following are a list of typical actions that you can perform from the menu:

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